I have worked with alternative therapies and modalities to help clients since 2005. I started my journey by studying, practicing and teaching Yoga full time for several years. This lead me to study massage and bodywork, in order to better be able to assist my clients with specific complaints related to injuries and sub-optimal postural habits. I transitioned to full-time bodyworker from 2010 whilst further studying at the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York City, where I worked in a busy chiropractic clinic. I returned to London in 2012, establishing my main practice in Fulham working in a multi-disciplinary clinic alongside other health professionals for 7 years.

I now offer treatments to my local community of women from my home clinic room in South Croydon, whilst also studying full-time towards a BSc in Acupuncture which I will complete in September 2020.

I see massage as a tool on the journey to balanced health, as opposed to a "treat" or a "quick fix". In my years of practice I have been privileged to witness - and experience -  the impact that a skilled massage treatment can have, and how it can inspire people to reclaim power over their health and lifestyle choices. I offer a therapeutic space that fosters dialogue and a sense of discovery about how imbalances can be adjusted by working collaboratively with my clients.

In addition to my massage practice, I also offer group sound baths and regularly work in collaboration with other practitioners to organise events combining Yoga and sound bathing. More information is available in my News page about upcoming events.

To see what my client's have to say about their massage experience with me, please read the Testimonials page!


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